Touchscreen Phone Growth and Market Share

Touchscreen phones have been growing much faster than the smartphone segment and with many more touchscreen phones expected to be launched during the Christmas season, the boom has just begun.

In the past three months, touch screen phones grew by 159% compared to the smartphone growth rate of 63% in the same period. There are now 23.8 million touchscreen in the US alone. How do the different handset manufacturers fare in the touchscreen sales? Here’s a split up

Apple iPhone : 32.9%
LG Dare : 8.7%
LG Voyager : 7.8%
Blackberry Storm : 7%
Palm Treo : 6.5%
Samsung Instinct : 5%
T-Mobile G1 : 3.6%
HTC Touch : 3.3%
Samsung Glyde : 2.7%
LG Xenon : 2.6%

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