Biggest Social Gaming Applications By Number of Users

Fans of Farmville and Mafia Wars should be happy to note that they are among the games with the largest number of users on the social network platform. Here are the user numbers for the biggest social gaming applications grouped by their developers. All these games are available on Facebook unless mentioned otherwise

Farmville : 61 million
Mafia Wars : 25.8 million
Yoville : 19.8 million
Texas Hold ’em Poker : 18.3 million

Pet Society : 20.5 million
Restaurant City : 17.3 million
Country Story : 8 million
(Total Installs : 135 million )

Mobsters (MySpace) : 14 million
Bumper Stickers (MySpace) : 11.7 million
Own your friends (MySpace) : 10.1 million
Sorority Life : 7.1 million
Mobsters : 2-3.5 million
Poker Palace : 1.5 million

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