Number Of Facebook Users By Country

Facebook now has over 350 million users. With such a huge crowd, where are the people coming from? Here are the top countries whose people have been fueling Facebook’s growth. Note that this list was picked from another list of the top ten countries by user growth numbers. So, there possibly could be other countries who are in the top ten but did not grow enough in volumes (though that sounds unlikely)

1. USA : 102.6 million
2. Turkey : 16.9 million
3. Indonesia : 15.3 million
4. Italy : 13.5 million
5. Philippines : 8.8 million
6. Spain : 7.8 million
7. Argentina : 7.5 million
8. Mexico : 6.6 million
9. India : 5.6 million
10. Malaysia : 4.2 million

7 thoughts on “Number Of Facebook Users By Country”

  1. Wow, Malaysia made it to the Top 10! It really shows how the penetration is like over in Asia. On a per capita basis, it’s really high, considering we have a population of 25 million.

    Incidentally, where do the stats come from? Can I export them from Facebook directly?

  2. I guess popularity of Orkut is waning in India with Facebook taking over. Nevertheless, Brazil has always been number 1 on Orkut..

  3. I will have to check out on that Joanne..Will post details about that if I find…

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