How do iPhone Users Discover New Apps?

There are 65,000 iphone apps currently available on the app store. How can a human possibly surf through them all and download the best apps? Here is how iPhone users do it:

Search for a specific type of app : 62%
Browse top app store rankings : 60%
Word of mouth : 46%
See ads while using another app : 20%
News articles and blogs : 19%
Apps from popular brands that market them: 10%

iPhone and iPod Touch Distribution by Region

It was no secret that iPhone and iPod touch were more popular in US than anywhere else. A testament to the fact is here with the new Admob report on iPhone and iPod touch distribution by region:

North America : 58%
West Europe : 26%
Asia : 7%
Latin America : 3%
Oceania : 3%
Eastern Europe : 2%
Africa : <1%

Most Popular Free Apps for iPhone

Here is a list of the most downloaded free apps on iPhone:

1. Facebook
2. Google Earth
3. Pandora Radio
4. Tap Tap Revenge
5. Shazam
6. Pac Man Lite
7. Backgrounds
8. Touch Hockey
9. Labyrinth Lite
10. Flashlight
11. Urbanspoon
12. Movies
13. iBowl
14. Lightsaber
15. Sol free Solitaire
16. MySpace Mobile
17. Virtual Zippo
18. The Weather Channel
19. BubbleWrap
20. Remote

How Many iPhone Apps Downloaded Till Date?

Over 300 million iPhone apps have been downloaded in the last three months. Here is the number of apps been downloaded by the iPhone users in the past three months:

Oct 21 : 200 million
Dec 5 : 300 million
Jan 20 : 500 million

There are over 15,000 iPhone apps available on the Apple store now.

How iPhone Fared in Indian Market

Here are some numbers to analyze how Apple performed with their iPhone in India:

Number of mobile phones sold in a year in India : 120 million
Number of Smart phones sold in a year in India : 6 million
Nokia holds around 60-70 percent of the Smartphone market share

Number of iPhones allocated by Apple to Indian market : 50,000
Number of iPhones actually sold till now : 11,000

Network Provider for iPhones in Different Countries

Here is the list of the carrier that iPhone comes locked with in each of the countries it is sold or shall be sold.

Germany – T Mobile
UK – O2
France – Orange
Ireland – O2
Austria – T Mobile
Canada – Rogers
Mexico – Telcel
Italy – TIM
Japan – NTT DoCoMo
Australia – Telstra Mobile
China – China Mobile
India – Bharti Airtel
Spain – MoviStar