Internet Statistics and Numbers

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Top Broadband Speeds by US Providers

Broadband networks are accelerating at break-neck speeds. Here is a list of the top broadband speeds available in USA:

1. CableVision : Upto 50 Mbps (downstream)
2. Charter (Wisconsin) : Upto 16 Mbps
3. Comcast (Minneapolis) : Upto 50 Mbps
4. Cox Cable : Upto 12 Mbps
5. Qwest : Upto 20 Mbps
6. Time Warner Cable : Upto 10 Mbps
7. Verizon : Upto 50 Mbps
8. Embarq : Upto 10 Mbps
9. SureWest : Upto 50 Mbps
10. CenturyTel : Upto 15 Mbps



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