Subscriber Readiness To Pay For Online News Content

If your favorite news website (if it were not WSJ) decides to charge money in turn for your access to their news, will you continue to stick to the same website? Rupert Murdoch thinks so. Others don’t. Here are the results from a recent survey:

Pay to continue reading : 5%
Use its free headlines only : 8%
Find another free website : 74%
Not sure : 12%

Even I am wondering what the remaining 1% think.

3 thoughts on “Subscriber Readiness To Pay For Online News Content”

  1. I was actually happily paying for an online subscription to the WSJ for many years. This was until Murdoch purchased it, uber politicized it and DOUBLED THE PRICE of an annual online subscription. Obviously, he invested a boatload of cash when he bought the Journal and is looking to recoup. The problem is that it was better without him!

  2. I agree with you that some of Murdoch’s strategies have been baffling. But there is something none of us are able to see here. He wouldn’t be the billionaire that he is today but for his business acumen..

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