Social Sharing : Most Popular Social Networks

See that ‘Share on Twitter and Facebook‘ button at the top of this article? Most websites and blogs have it these days and it is becoming an attractive way to spread the word about interesting topics on your blog.

So which of the social media websites are the most popular among bloggers? Pingdom looked into the social sharing options available on the major blogs – the top 100 according to Technorati, to be precise and studied the social sharing options available on these websites.

Here are the most popular options and the number of websites (of the 100) that had these buttons displayed

1. Twitter : 66
2. Facebook : 58
3. General Share option : 58
4. Digg : 49
5. Reddit : 25
6. StumbleUpon : 23
7. Yahoo Buzz : 16
8. Delicious : 14
9. Google Buzz : 6

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