Social Network Penetration Across Countries (Asia-Pacific)

The internet is largely becoming the platform for people to keep in touch with their friends and family and this is now no longer a new phenomenon. However, interestingly, despite the growing popularity of Facebook, the dominance of other social networks in certain markets continue to exist. For instance, Google’s Orkut still continues to dominate in India despite a large chunk of users now also having a Facebook account.

All this has meant the increasing proliferation of social network among internet users. A recent study by Comscore establishes this fact. In this study, the researches looked into the social network penetration across several countries in Asia-Pacific and have found very high penetration levels of over 90% in some countries like Philippines.

Here are the observed penetration levels

Philippines : 90.3%
Australia : 89.6%
Indonesia : 88.6%
Malaysia : 84.7%
Singapore : 83.7%
New Zealand : 81.2%
Taiwan : 75.9%
Hong Kong : 75.4%
India : 68.5%
South Korea : 63.5%
Vietnam : 46.1%
Japan : 42.3%

Overall : 50.8%