Smartphone User Spending On Mobile Apps

Mobile phone users have been graduating to smartphones majorly because of the third party apps that come with it. However, how many users actually choose to go with paid apps? Is the gender of the user a factor while determining the number of paid apps that the user downloads?

A recent study conducted by Data Innovation looked into these aspects while drawing conclusions on the spending propensity of smartphone users with regards to third party mobile applications. Here are some results from the study that was conducted over a three month period.

98% of the smartphone users download at least one app during the three months the study was conducted

48% of the users downloaded only free applications
21% of users spent less than $5
17% of users spent between $5 and $10

Women were 12% more likely to download free apps.

1 thought on “Smartphone User Spending On Mobile Apps”

  1. Well, since i’m in what Google considers third world, i don’t have access to paid apps on Android Market. So i’ll be one of the users in the 48% who downloads only free apps.

    But there are other ways you could get an app (nudge nudge wink wink). And since Google decided that they should not be available to me anyway, i don’t feel too gulty about that.

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