Smartphone Mobile Gaming Market Statistics

Comscore has published its results on a recent study conducted to look into the mobile gaming market in the US. The study reveals that the number of mobile gamers has fallen by 13% in the past one year majorly contributed by the 35% decline among feature phones which account for 80% of the mobile gaming market. Here are insights into the smartphone mobile gaming market

Number of mobile gamers (at least once a month) : 21.395 million

Gaming Format
Downloaded games : 27.7% of mobile subscribers
Native/Pre loaded games : 25.0%
Browser based games : 5.1%

Number of games Installed Per Handset
At least 1 : 27.3% of mobile subscribers
1 – 2 : 9.0%
3 – 5 : 9.0%
6+ : 9.4%

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