Senior Citizens vs. Baby Boomers On the Internet

How many senior citizens and baby boomers are online and what exactly are they doing here? Well, there are quite a few active users in this demographic.

28% of American senior citizens (65+ years) had reported going online everyday in Feb and March of this year. Compare this with the boomer population that is estimated to constitute 28.8% of all internet users.

Activities that senior citizens do online
Use email : 94%
Shop online : 77%
Look for health information : 71%
Read news : 70%
Manage finances and banking : 59%
Play free online games : 47%

Activities that US Boomer population do online
Use email : 93%
Read news : 73%
Shopping online : 71%
Gather information : 67%
Pay bills : 66%
Social networking & Message boards : 39%
Watch videos online : 30%

10 thoughts on “Senior Citizens vs. Baby Boomers On the Internet”

  1. What I’m interested in finding out is how the senior/boomer population’s usage of internet varies by salary, or where they shop? One would assume the usage decreases as the salaries lower, but that would be interesting to see laid out by age.

  2. That’s an interesting point to study, Shubiedoo. But I think one reason why researchers have not studied it is because the numbers are too thin to be distributed into salary brackets.

    Will also probably check out if such a study has been conducted so far. Thanks for the comment.

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