PlayStation Network Member Base Vs. Xbox Live Subscriber Base

Sony PlayStation is focusing at its online service PlayStation Network to increase its sales. Here are the membership of PlayStation Network as compared to Microsoft Xbox Live

Number of PS consoles sold : 21 million
Number of PSN members : 20 million (95% of total console owners)

Number of Xbox consoles sold : 27.93 million
Number of Xbox Live : 18.5 million (66% of total console owners)

5 thoughts on “PlayStation Network Member Base Vs. Xbox Live Subscriber Base”

  1. Thats stupid.. of course there are more people with PSN accounts… its free. Whereas Xbox Live is less than $5 a month and better.

  2. yeah xbox has heaps more features for xbox live and playstation online is only free because they want to increase console sales because they are getting beaten by xbox and playstation keeps saying were getting 3d and so is xbox. And what about project natal NO CONTROLLER NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. xbox’s SUCK!!! if i wanted my controller to be as big as my head, i’d get a sega game gear from someone on craigslist! & if that josh guy that commented above me would check sum stats, PS3 beat xbox in sales in 2009 & is projected to KILL microsoft sales in 2010. xbox’s are old news. they need 2 make an xbox 2 if they wanna compete with sony.

  4. kutthroat knows nothing, xbox charges for live because theres actually something worth paying for, playstation is only free because u get what u pay for…NOTHING!!!!

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