Google Toolbar's 'Send to' option

There is an easy and short way to send the internet pages you are viewing to your Gmail account or blog it or even amazingly SMS it. For this you have somthing called the ‘Send to’ option on the Google toolbar.

When you click on this, you are given three options: Gmail, Blogger or SMS. Remember that you should already have a Gmail or Blogger account to do either of these. In fact, simply having a gmail account itself will do as Blogger beta requires only a gmail email account to sign in.
When you click on this, you get a short notice on this feature from wherein you can proceed. SMS, I believe is at present only available for American users as I was not able to check the facility from here and all the user networks available were American ones. Yet, this looks like an interesting feature that is easier to pass on a link, rather than copy pasting the link onto a text file and then forwarding it through your email.

Hacking e-books. Tips to prevent theft

I was recently searching for tips related to adding traffic to my blog. Here, I came across a blogpost regarding how to hack( or rather crack ) a Clickbank ebook related to blogging. It was unethical on part of me, but I proceeded to download the ebook.

While I will not divulge either the name of the ebook or the method to crack into the ebook without having to purchase it, let me tell you that this method actually helped me to get hold of over 20 such ebooks. But, no, I have downloaded them.

Rather, if you are planning to write an ebook for yourself, let me give you a few musts that you must ensure to prevent an ebook theft. If you are smart enough, you can track the method that I used to crack the ebook from this.

Tip 1
If you have a website that you are marketing your ebook from, then try not providing the secret link to the downloadable ebook also from the same website. Atleast upload your ebook from a free tripod page, but never from the same website

Tip 2
Make the link to your ebook rather long and boring. Like, use a lot of numbers and randomized text. I mean to say that, suppose your ebook is ‘Internet Marketing’. Have the link somewhere in rather than

Tip 3
When a purchase is made, send the link through email rather than displaying it on the webpage. Remember that if the webpage is accessed from a public computer, then the information stored on cache can be very easily exploited.

Tip 4
Avoid using stereotyped words that come with thanking the customer on his purchase. This can be very easily used to crack a lot of ebooks. If you did not understand by what I wrote here, never mind, atleast read and follow the next tip very carefully.

Tip 5
This is the most important point of all. Never submit the website where you have uploaded the ebook to search engines. But if your position is such that you cannot have two different websites for marketing the ebook and providing the link, then atleast make sure that the Google bot does not index your link. To know more on this, learn how to remove a webpage from Google

What next for Google

Over the past eight years, Google has simply transformed our lives. It first came up with a way to actually see what are the websites that exist on internet apart from the ones you knew. You simply had to search with a keyword to find out a site with that name. From that point, Google has come to play such a passionate part in our lives.

As it has seemed to conquer one part of the internet to another, I begin to think of what more Google can move on to from here. But this is when I stumbled upon one crappy spyware site and got hit with a spyware. Luckily, as of now, nothing bad has happened. I don’t seem to have any data till now. But then, this has atleast made to think on what if Google moves into the security side as well.

I just checked into the Google site to see if there is anything cooking about this in their labs. I guess not. So, what if they actually move into anti-virus, anti-spyware providers. One thing is for sure – they are going to provide this for free, and all you have to do is get yourself a gmail account. Google gives you the whole world for free if you have an account with them.

Now, what is going to become of the established players like Norton, McAfee etc? I guess it definitely means serious problem for them. As of now, even AOL provides free security software for their account-holders. But Google coming into the arena now can prove to be real serious matter for the oligopolists in this field. Ok, even if Google is going to come, they definitely would want to buy one of the existing products, as they did with YouTube recently. So, all that the securitymen at Norton, McAfee and their ilk can hope is Google does not enter; and even if they do, they decide to buy their own company.

I got a Spyware!

Ok..I will give you a website. But, I warn you..DO NOT OPEN THE LINK. I came across this one on Orkut. Some Pakistani guy had posted this on a community called ‘INDIA’ and this was meant to be a spyware to hack the info of whoever clicks on it.

The link is at <--DON'T CLICK
I might sound pathetically cautious, but then, I have never had a spyware on my computer, nor do I know what all ways they can attack us.

Just checked on a site for spyware..It says that the easiest way to remove spyware, or rather minimise the effect of it is to clear the cache of your browser, which could be exploited by the spier. Anyhow, make sure you scan your system for spyware immediately. And that is exactly what I am doing right now.

Also, in future, you can detect existence of spyware on your system if you detect anything abnormal happening on your system. By this, I mean, something like, search history different from what you expect your history to be, abnormal number of pop-ups. But then, pop-ups and stuff are okay, and are the kind of harmless spies doing it to advertise by spam. But if it is a spyware with an intention to hack your personal info, you are doomed. So, make sure you scan your system.

Utube loses its tube to Youtube

Imagine how it is when you lose your bandwidth to over 64 million visitors, who simply came to your website ‘by mistake’…

Well, this is what exactly happened to Universal Tubes, a firm that sells used tubes to machinary in Ohio. But people looking for YouTube, the video sharing site, recently bought by Google have very often stumbled onto UTube, thus even getting the website offline for sometime.

Well, this is what happens when a video sharing site gets itself such a weird name, and in an age when everyone uses ‘U’ for ‘You’

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Application to view Digg

Ajax is at work, yet again. You can download this AJAX application to constantly view which stories are making to the front page on Digg.

This also gives you a bird’s eye view of the digg’s queue stories.To download it, unzip the download file locally and launch diggGraph.html

It is not that this is the first of its kind. Digg itself has developed applications to track such info on its website. But I thought viewing such an application will help you, if you were a web programmer looking for how the application for Digg was developed.

Mashups – How internet grows from here..

Got a forward of a video from my friend. Shall upload it soon on You Tube..In it, David Berlind from ZDNet talks about how internet is moving ahead with what is called mashups. Mashups are being talked about for sometime now.

However, for those who do not know, Mashups are basically using the Application Programming Interface(APIs) from different sources of the internet to create your own mashup which can provide a unique service. For example, have you heard of Wikimapia? It uses the services of Google Earth and provides a service where you can edit info about different places on earth;something which Google Earth(the API here) does not itself provide.

Same way are those applications that help you find the singles available in your locality, crimes in your area,etc. It is indeed an interesting trend. Next time you plan to take up computer programming courses, take something in the direction of Web 2.0, and do not stop with the traditional C++ or Java.

Want to make money!?? – Virus

I am posting it so that you can avert something that my friend caught up with today. Today, as he opened his Yahoo messenger, he had a message from his friend. His friend had referred him to a URL to make money from Internet.

My friend usually hates SPAM, but since this was from his friend, decided to click on it. And here it goes, his computer got infected with Trojan. When I checked my account after this, here it was – a message from this friend with a referral to the same URL.

If only I had clicked it(which I would have, had I not known it in advance), the virus would then be spreading to my friend’s computers as a message from my account. This virus seemingly disables task manager and other activities. Get your computer anti-virus updated immediately and do not click on any link from your friends in Yahoo messenger.

Podcasting for non-native English speakers

I recently was involved in an online debate with a podcaster about the merits and demerits of having a podcast for your website publicity. The Podcaster was like podcasting is the best thing to have happened to Internet next to blogging and was talking about the great value it enhances to a website. Maybe, he just wanted people to buy his podcasting software! Or probably, he was indeed speaking the truth.

One of my contentions was that Podcasting was not for everybody. I say this, because, I am myself an Indian and so my accent(though better than most of them here) is still not what native English speakers would want to hear. So, I might shoot myself on the foot if I go for a podcast, since in a conventional website, nobody cares about how I speak. But if I podcast, listeners might be put off, if they cannot understand what I am speaking.

It was just then that I thought about any software that might exist that would help in transforming my voice and accent to American-like or Englishman-like. Maybe, I can talk in my own sweet English, and at the click of a button, I can transform my speech to that delivered by an American speaker. It is not impossible. While, I was not able to get this exact requirement over Google, I was able to locate something that did something of a similar function.

This software, called AV Voice changer is designed not just for such podcasters, but also for online chatters, own audio message producers etc. It polishes your voice, improves quality, and while not changing the accent and dialect, helps a voice makeover that is better understood by a Westerner.

The software maker actually claimed that ninth graders from India actually made use of the software to make their voice over and take mathematics classes to junior school students from the west and make money out of that. While I doubt Indian parents actually spending $100 on a software of this sort(trust me, school children of that age are quite busy in India, and would not actually be taking classes to make money!), I think it does make a nice business sense for professional webmasters who want to podcast to check out on similar softwares that helps in improving your voice quality over a podcast.