Online Video Consumption Demographics

To start with, no real surprises here when it comes to the the most popular platform. It goes without saying that Youtube is the most popular video platform.

This particular study is specifically about video consumption within blogs.

Popular video sharing platforms
Youtube : 81.9%
Vimeo : 8.8%
DailyMotion : 4%
MySpace : 1.1%

Age Demographics
20-35 year olds : 77% of all visitors
90% of visitors from Asia and Oceania and 66% of North American visitors are under 35 years of age

Gender Demographics
Male-Female split : 60%:40%
The most male dominated site is (88% male) while the most female dominated site is (68% female), and MSN was the most neutral (56% male)

Top Five Countries (with bloggers embedding videos)
1. USA
2. Brazil
3. Spain
4. UK
5. Canada

Top Five Cities (with bloggers embedding videos)
1. New York
2. Sao Paulo
3. London
4. Madrid
5. Paris

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