Number Of iPad Apps By Category

Perhaps these are early days for the iPad and hence this study might not hold true for a long time and I hope to revisit this in a few more months. However, with the hype surrounding Apple’s new device, it will be interesting to see how many app developers are sold out on this concept and what are the kind of apps they see will appeal the iPad audience.

Folks at Distimo have studied the iPad apps and listed these applications down by category. Here are the various categories of iPad apps and the number of apps under each of these different categories.

Books : 133
Business : 52
Education : 205
Entertainment : 260
Finance : 21
Games : 833
Health & Fitness : 38
Lifestyle : 110
Medical : 30
Music : 106
Navigation : 18
News : 51
Photography : 81
Productivity : 152
Reference : 73
Social Networking : 54
Sports : 31
Travel : 73
Utilities : 165
Weather : 17

2 thoughts on “Number Of iPad Apps By Category”

  1. Between my iPhone and my laptop I am having a hard time coming up with a reason to own an iPad.

    They will need to come out with some sort of killer app in order to get the masses to jump at this expensive toy.

    I’m sure that Apple realizes that always being on the “bleeding edge” of technology isn’t always the smart place to be. I hope they didn’t bet the mortgage on this one. After the hype it will be interesting to see how the product “sticks”.

  2. I’m so much with you on this…The iPad or rather tablets in general do not have a need at all..Apple is bringing it on just for the additional avenues to sell apps..

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