Number of Internet Users In USA

The internet penetration in the US will breach the 70% mark this year. In a recently published report, eMarketer studies the internet growth rate in US as well as how the different racial groups are progressing in this regard. According to this study, over three-fourths of white Americans now access the internet which is the highest among the different races. Asians clock second at 73% while the internet penetration among blacks, hispanics is around the 60% mark.

The study also predicts that the number of internet users will rise rapidly to reach the 250 million mark by 2014. Here are the number of internet users estimated to exist over the following years (internet penetration provided inside brackets)

2008 : 203.2 million (66.8%)
2009 : 211.7 million (68.9%)
2010 : 221.0 million (71.2%)
2011 : 229.2 million (73.2%)
2012 : 236.9 million (74.9%)
2013 : 244.1 million (76.5%)
2014 : 250.7 million (77.8%)

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