Nexus One vs. iPhone vs. Droid vs. myTouch : First Week Sales

Much like the box office, the number of handsets sold in the first week of launch of the handsets very well give us a picture of things to come. Flurry, the popular mobile app analytics company has just released its first week sale figures for Nexus One. How do they compare with the first week numbers for the other major smartphones? Here are the numbers

Nexus One : 20,000
Droid : 250,000
myTouch : 60,000
iPhone 3GS : 1.6 million (launched in 8 countries)

The numbers for Nexus One seem pretty low, but considering that a lot many Android fans would have just gone in for the Droid two months back and also that this is an online-only distribution system, Google might have expected the lower numbers.