Most Visited Websites At Work

Managed security company, Network Box has studied over 13 billion URLs visited by businesses in the first quarter of 2010. The results are not too surprising. Facebook leads the pack in terms of the number of visits. The study concludes that a good 6.8% of all website traffic from businesses was to Here are the top websites visited at work and the percentage of traffic share they constitute

1. Facebook : 6.8%
2. Google : 3.4%
3. Yimg (Yahoo image server) : 2.8%
4. Yahoo : 2.4%
5. DoubleClick : 1.7%

Sounds unconvincing? Well, the study has apparently studied the hits on the various servers and considering that several Yahoo images are loaded from Yahoo’s image server at and also because several websites host Google ads that load from, these websites appear to be the most popular.

While a majority of users may be unaware of them having visited these websites, in terms of hits, this is how it is.