Most Searched Brands In The US

This is one stat that could be truly misleading. A recent study published by Hitwise looks into the most searched brands in the US and concludes that Facebook was a brand that was more searched than Google. Why is it misleading? Because it is well known that many users use Google (or other search engines) as an alternate for their browser address bar and visit sites from the search engine results. While this does mean that Facebook could end up as the most searched brand, the fact that users do not have to ‘search’ for Google means that the search volumes are certainly skewed.

Nevertheless, here are results from the Hitwise study ranked by breadth volume (search term variations as a percentage of all search term variations)

1. Facebook : 2.80%
2. Google : 2.40%
3. Yahoo : 1.60%
4. Craigslist : 1.10%
5. MySpace : 1.10%
6. AOL : 0.50%
7. MSN : 0.30%
8. Walmart : 0.20%
9. Amazon : 0.10%
10. Netflix : 0.10%