Most Popular Websites Among Senior Citizens

The generation gap is seemingly narrowing online with popular online destinations among the senior citizens (65+) being not too different from what it could be for Boomers or younger. Here are the top ten websites that is popular among people of the older age group (ranked by monthly uniques)

1. Google Search : 10.2 million
2. Windows Media Player : 8.24 million
3. Facebook : 7.9 million
4. Youtube : 7.6 million
5. Amazon : 5.6 million
6. Yahoo Mail : 5.6 million
7. Yahoo Search : 5.5 million
8. Yahoo homepage : 5.3 million
9. Bing : 4.5 million
10. Google Maps : 4.3 million

Wait, let me explain. Windows Media Player does not fit in, but probably is in there in this list prepared by Nielsen because of the number of websites that embed the player in their sites. Sort of weird that Nielsen should include that, but they just did.