Mobile Media Usage Among Smartphone Users

How smartphones have changed user behavior. A study shows that iPhone and Android users have pretty similar mobile usage patterns. Users of both these phones are very high consumers of email, internet and apps on the move as compared to the other phone users. But how do smartphone users compare against the non-smartphone users when it comes to mobile media usage. Here is the stat of the percent of users from both these categories accessing the different information; based on a survey by ComScore and Compete

Mobile Media
Smartphone : 80%
Non-Smartphone : 26%

Smartphone : 70%
Non-Smartphone : 12%

News/Info Browser
Smartphone : 65%
Non-Smartphone : 14%

Smartphone : 59%
Non-Smartphone : 13%

Social Networking
Smartphone : 43%
Non-Smartphone : 8%

Instant Messaging
Smartphone : 37%
Non-Smartphone : 10%

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