Microsoft Impact On Washington Economy

Microsoft is the second largest private employer in the American state of Washington and its impact on the local economy cannot be underestimated. A recent study by University of Washington makes several interesting observations on the economic impact Microsoft has had on the region.

Here are some interesting notes (numbers for 2008 unless specified)

13.6% of gross state product in Washington was contributed by Microsoft. That’s $43.84 billion
$7 billion in worker compensation ($1.6 billion more than entire aerospace industry)
39,300 local employees (Behind Boeing’s 76,400)
28.5% of jobs created in Washington state since 1990 are attributable to Microsoft
Average employee compensation (without stock options) : $152,212
Average employee compensation (with stock options) : $178,159
Microsoft expenditure on local goods and services : $2.15 billion
Microsoft total contribution to Washington economy : $9.16 billion