Largest Print Media Websites In USA

Though media tycoons like Rupert Murdoch may lament the slow death of print media in the hands of their online counterpart, there is no gainsaying the fact that online media is now an important element in the scheme of things for any publisher.

A recent study by Hitwise looked into the major print media companies that have been successful online. The ranking was done on the basis of the market share of visits to these various websites in the month of March 2010. Here is a top ten list from this study and the market share that they constitute

1. The New York Times : 4.59%
2. USA Today : 3.83%
3. People Magazine : 2.20%
4. The Washington Post : 2.08%
5. TV Guide : 1.64%
6. The Wall Street Journal : 1.33%
7. NY Daily News : 1.22%
8. Sports Illustrated : 1.12%
9. Boston Globe : 0.94%
10. Examiner : 0.85%