Is Web 3.0 Web-mobile?

Sometime back, I had written about how Google and Nokia are trying to penetrate the mobile web market. Back then, I had speculated that Google was trying to bring a SmartAds type technology into the mobile space. Nokia too had acquired Twango which gave enough indications of its willingness to enter the mobile web market.

In all this discussion, Yahoo had conspicuously been left out. But after Yahoo’s recent announcement to integrate Yahoo answers with oneSearch, I thought it fit to discuss how Yahoo is gearing up to take on Google and others in the newer platform. In fact, Yahoo looks more than capable to deal with competition.

oneSearch – Google for Mobile
Yahoo has realized the value of product branding, which surprisingly Google did not or perhaps did not care about. One reason why Google is building an empire at a rate which few other companies can only dream of is because people use Google for search. Think search and you think of Google. The brand name of Google for internet search has so well captivated the audiences and Yahoo has probably realized this well enough, and it has made perfect amends with branding its mobile web search with a unique name ‘oneSearch’. With proper marketing, oneSearch can be to mobile web search what Google is to Internet search.

Perfect portfolio of products
Yahoo being a portal of microsites has definitely helped them in providing an array of services to the mobile customer. Also, the Yahoo microsites deal with information that a mobile-internet user is more likely to be interested in. Images (not Videos from Youtube), sports, finance, email, etc. The services offered by Google pale in comparison to what Yahoo has to offer.

As perceived, Yahoo has still not lost it all to Google. The mobile web space is the next in-thing where the competition shall heat up. The past few months have seen innumerable definitions being crafted for ‘Web 3.0’. In my opinion, internet for mobiles is definitely the future battleground that will decide the turnover of the internet giants. Add Nokia as a new competitor to deal with, and web 3.0 is already looking all spiced up and the battle ready to start.