iPhone vs. Android : Internet, Apps And Video Consumption

With the launch of Motorola Droid, the competition between the iPhone and Android has heated up even further. So, how many people are actually using these smartphones for internet consumption, and is the Apple App Store indeed superior to the Android market? Let’s see the number of respondents in a survey who said they used one of these features

Internet Consumption
iPhone : 88%
Android : 92%
All smartphones : 71%

Mobile Apps
iPhone : 74%
Android : 76%
All smartphones : 48%

Watching Videos
iPhone : 40%
Android : 47%
All smarphones : 22%

While merely having used one of these does not mean that the service works perfect, it is interesting to note that the Android users are more heavy consumers of Internet and videos.

6 thoughts on “iPhone vs. Android : Internet, Apps And Video Consumption”

  1. I guarentee Droid users have already overtaken the iphone users when considering how much content they consume/how heavily they use their device.

    All the hard core hackers are now Droid users (or will be within 6 months).

    If my mother asked what phone she should use i’d say an iPhone but for anyone thats relatively nerd/tech – Droid is the only choice.


  2. That’s an interesting comment you make Dean regarding the ‘nerdiness’ of Droid..That could make it difficult for Droid to go mainstream as well as iPhone did..And isn’t the volumes sold that everyone is looking forward to?

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