Internet Penetration in American Households

A recent study commissioned by FCC into the state of internet in USA show that there is a heavy disparity between the rural and urban areas when it comes to internet connectivity. Here are some of the statistics from the study

Total number of American households : 117 million
Number of households with NO internet : 45 million
Number of households on dialup connection : 13 million

Percent of American households with no broadband access : 49%

Considering the broadband stimulus plan will only offer around $7.4 billion, it is estimated that 40 million households will lack broadband access even by 2014 – a major portion of them in rural USA.

3 thoughts on “Internet Penetration in American Households”

  1. Thanks for bringing this up Rimalovski. Yes, I did see that the results from FCC’s study is a bit different from other research reports presented till now. However, from one perspective, the study here is on the percentage of households whereas Pew Research’s is on the percentage of Americans. I wonder if the difference could arise from that.

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