US Internet Advertising Revenue By Ad-Format

The study of the internet advertising market in the United States conducted by IAB and PWC has concluded that revenues for 2009 have been marginally lower than the numbers recorded for 2008. The internet ad revenues for 2008 was $23.4 billion and it fell 3.4% to $22.7 billion last year.

The biggest contribution is still from search advertising. The search engine market contributed 47% of all revenues in 2009. Here are the break-up of revenues contributed from the different ad formats

Search : $10.698 billion
Display : $7.965 billion
– Banner ads : $5.061 billion
– Rich Media : $1.505 billion
– Digital Video : $1.017 billion
– Sponsorship : $383 million
Classifieds : $2.254 billion
Referrals/Lead : $1.451 billion
Email : $292 million

2 thoughts on “US Internet Advertising Revenue By Ad-Format”

  1. After all this time it is hard to believe that “banner ads” still generate that much revenue. When was the last time anybody clicked on a banner ad?

  2. PotatoChef – while search can get a lot of credit for a final click/conversion to a site, banner ads are a great tool for branding with the visual and interactive capabilities. You might not click a banner immediately, but a large percentage will turn to search engines to find a product that they may have seen.

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