How Twitter Can Help You Become a Media Darling?

What if you are a professor no student cares about or own a market research agency no client comes to? You can still become a media darling with the help of Twitter, as yet another ‘study‘ on Twitter has shown. This time, it is two profs from Rutgers University, Mor Naaman and Jeffrey Boase (see, even I am contributing to their popularity).

They collected 3000 tweets from the public timeline on Twitter (hundreds of tweets are posted every minute, so shouldn’t be much), classified each of those tweets into one of these categories – Information Sharing, Self Promotion, Opinions/Complaints, Random thoughts, Me Now, Question to followers, Presence maintenance, Anecdote me, anecdote others. In the end, they “realized” that 80% of the users are ‘Meformers’ or simply talking about themselves.

This is a simple ‘study’ that can get people famous. It has been tried and tested. All you need is to find a catchy phrase to conclude with – like in this case, it is meformers. In a ‘study’ conducted last month, the phrase that caught media attention was ‘40% of tweets are pointless babble‘.