How Bloggers Make Money

The past decade has seen a lot of people make money publishing online content on their blogs. So, how do these bloggers make money? Technorati’s study on the different revenue models for blogging showed the following data (based on % of respondents who used these models)

Display Ads : 40%
Search Ads : 39%
Affiliate Marketing : 36%
Paid to give speeches on topics I write about : 15%
Being a Spokesblogger : 12%
Paid to attend events : 9%
Rich Media Ads : 8%
Paid Postings : 8%
Others : 24%

2 thoughts on “How Bloggers Make Money”

  1. Hi David

    The percentages are based on the number of respondents, and as it stands, most blogs have more than one way of monetizing their blogs. So it doesn’t have to add up to 100% in this case.

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