How Big Is Windows Live Hotmail

Microsoft acquired Hotmail from Sabeer Bhatia in 1997 and since then competition from the likes of Gmail and Yahoo Mail has meant the Hotmail is no longer as popular as it once was. But fact be told, Hotmail is still mammoth and here are some interesting facts about the service

Number of languages : 36
Number of regional markets worldwide : 59
Total number of inboxes : 1.3 billion
Monthly unique users : 350 million
Total number of emails processed in a day : 3 billion
Total number of spams filtered in a day : 1 billion
Email Storage capacity deployed by Microsoft : 155 petabytes (155,000 terabytes)
Growth in storage capacity per month : 2 petabytes (2000 terabytes or 2 million GB)
Storage Capacity consumed by attachment (photos, documents) : 70%