Google Government Data Removal Request Statistics

Google has released a new online tool called ‘Government Requests‘ that chronicles the number of data requests and removal requests the several Governments have issued on Google. As Google notes, this is not exactly a measure of the censorship among Governments since countries like Brazil and India are in the top of the list primarily because Google’s social network, Orkut is popular there and the company deals with a lot of impersonation and defamation cases

Here are the top 10 countries in terms of data requests
1. Brazil
2. United States
3. United Kingdom
4. India
5. France
6. Italy
7. Germany
8. Spain
9. Australia
10. Argentina

The top countries in terms of data removal requests
1. Brazil
2. Germany
3. India
4. United States
5. South Korea
6. United Kingdom
7. Italy
8. Argentina
9. Spain
10. Australia