Five Most Important Factors for Search Engine Optimization

A study of the most important search engine ranking factors according to 72 expert SEOs at SEOMoz revealed the following list:

1. Anchor text from external links
2. Keyword use in title tag
3. Raw link popularity
4. Diversity of linking domains
5. Keyword use in root domains

5 thoughts on “Five Most Important Factors for Search Engine Optimization”

  1. Hi Anand,
    The five factors are really good and essential criterias for top search engine rankings.But i wonder that these criterias change often.May be page attributes and domain attributes must also be considered as an essential factor.Know
    More about SEO factors-Interesting
    Thanks for sharing usful information.

  2. Hi Joel

    I doubt if domain attributes are as important as they were at one point in time. Some factors like quality inbound links are likely to stay on top as long as search engines exist simply because they are one of the genuine ways to know if a web page is valuable or not.

  3. im a newbie in Search Engine Optimization and i still need to study more on internal linking. Currently, what i do to optimize my website is just make as many backlinks as possible.

    1. Hi Marvin

      Internal linking helps a lot. Of late, I have made it point to link to at least one of my previous posts in every new article. It helps that the link juice is constantly flowing across my site. However I don’t build too many backlinks outside. As your site gains popularity, links come in naturally. Also, if you go building links yourself, you might have to filter out all the nofollow blogs and that is a time consuming process.

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