Firefox Worldwide Market Share And Number Of Users

Mozilla Firefox has been the browser that has been able to take on the dominance of Internet Explorer most effectively. In its most recent metrics report, Mozilla looked into the market share numbers offered by third party studies from StatCounter, Quantcast, Net Applications and Gemius to calculate the average market share in each market.

Accordingly, we see that Firefox has just crossed the 100 million users mark in USA and 150 million users mark in Europe. Interestingly, Firefox is now used by at least 25% of users in each of the markets with Europe being the most popular market where close to 40% of users are active Firefox users.

Here are the number of Firefox users and the market share that constitutes in the market

Africa : 5.6 million (29.7%)
Asia : 68.7 million (26.6%)
Australia Oceania : 6.7 million (28.7%)
Europe : 152.7 million (39.2%)
North America : 100 million (26%)
South America : 31.7 million (31.4%)