Facebook Usage – A Perspective

It was recently announced that the 300 million users on Facebook spend close to 8 billion minutes per day on the site. What do you make of the 8 billion minutes?

Assuming all 300 million are active every single day, that would still mean 26 minutes per user, and we very well know the daily usage should be far less than 300 million

8 billion minutes is 133.33 million hours. That’s 5.55 million days.
That’s 15,210 years!!

That’s 15K years of time spent every single day. And to think of it, Jesus was here just 2000 years back!

2 thoughts on “Facebook Usage – A Perspective”

  1. Oh… I am sure contributing to that number… Facebook tab is perennially ON in my browser. May be we should talk about “active minutes” rather than just having the page open.

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