eCommerce Third Party Service Providers

One of the most interesting aspects about owning an online store is that many of the things that go with running an ecommerce shop may be outsourced – The back-end can be run with third party software, the payment gateway need not be your own, outsource the marketing and SEO to agencies dedicated to the same, etc.

So, which of these third party services are most sought after by eCommerce store owners? A study conducted by Internet Retailer concludes that fulfillment and processing returns is the segment of business most often handled by third party providers. Here are results from the study

Fulfillment/Returns : 10.1%
Customer Service : 9.3%
Payment Processing & Fraud Management : 7.7%
Marketing Services : 6.5%
Customs Product Code Harmonization : 6.1%
Translation Services : 6.1%
Website design and hosting : 4.0%
eCommerce Systems : 3.6%
Others : 1.2%