Corporate Blogging : Frequency Of Updates

How frequent should a corporate blog be updated? While there is no thumb rule to go by, Technorati’s study on blogging shows the following update frequency among corporates.

> 10 times a day : 2%
5-9 times a day : 4%
3-4 times a day : 8%
1-2 times a day : 27%
2-3 times a week : 29%
At least once a week : 23%
Once a few weeks : 6%
Once a month : 1%
Less than once a month : 1%

It is not very clear if Twitter was considered a form of blogging, since otherwise it is pretty unlikely for corporate blogs to be updated over ten times a day!

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  1. Add me in that group as well. But if you want to feel more exclusive, you have to check out the actual Technorati article – only 4% of bloggers update their blogs that frequently 😉

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