Consumer Willingness To Pay For Online Content

Ever since Rupert Murdoch stirred up the debate on letting people pay to access his company’s online content, people have been discussing the viability of such a model. Are people ready to pay to access online content? Apparently yes; but here’s a caveat : People are more willing to access content created by professionals, than commoners.

Here are the results of an extensive study conducted by Nielsen over whether people have purchased or willing purchase any of the following content online. The percentage of users who answered in the affirmative is offered alongside

Music : 57%
Theatrical movies : 57%
Games : 51%
Professionally produced videos (and TV shows) : 50%
Magazines : 49%
Newspapers : 42%
Internet only news sources : 36%
Radio (Music) : 32%
Podcasts : 28%
Social communities : 28%
Radio (News talk) : 26%
Consumer generated video : 24%
Blogs : 20%

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