How is Yahoo Messenger faring against its competitors?

Yahoo Messenger is soon set to topple AOL’s AIM as the leading IM service in the US

User base in US: 30.2 million
Growth past year: 2%

Yahoo Messenger
User base in US: 27.7 million
Growth past year (US): 19%
Worldwide user base: 94.3 million
Growth past year (world): 30%

World Leader in Instant Messenging: Windows Live
Leader in American Market: AIM

Yahoo's operations in China – Through Alibaba

Yahoo owns 39% stake in local ecommerce site, The money invested was $1.4 billion. The value of the investment is now $3.4 billion. Alibaba has now gone public at the HongKong stock exchange. 17% of its stake was sold in 858.9 million shares, each at a value of $1.75. Alibaba has hence raised $1.5 billion through going public.