Number of Paid Mobile Apps Downloaded Per Month

There are more people purchasing paid apps from iPhones(50%) than from Androids(19%). Maybe it is because Android users want it all free, or maybe it is yet to gain traction among Android users. Here is the overall percentage of users who have downloaded paid apps over a month’s period:

1-3 apps : 59%
4-6 apps : 22%
7-10 apps : 8%
11-15 apps : 4%
16-20 apps : 3%
> 20 apps : 5%

Most Popular Twitter Clients

You might be obsessively twittering away from TweetDeck since it’s cool, but remember that a majorty – 65% are still out there on the Twitter website. Here is the list of the most popular Twitter clients:

1, TweetDeck : 4% of users
2. Tweetfon : 3%
3. TwitterBerry : 2%
4. Tweetie : 2%
5. Twitterific : 2%

Growing Apps-Developer Market For Various Mobile OS Platform

‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ seems to be the mantra the mobile phone applications development industry is treading along with.

67% of apps developers studied created applications for more than one mobile OS platform.
75% of apps developers studied developed applications for all six mobile OS platform

Among the Single OS app developers, here is the break-up among different platforms:

iPhone : 49%
RIM : 20%
Windows : 15%
Android : 8%
Symbian : 5%
Palm : 3%

How Many Apps and Games on Nokia Ovi Store?

After three months since the launch of the Nokia Ovi store, things are starting to look up. Now there is a moderately good collection of free and paid apps:

Number of apps at launch : 171 (30% free)
Number of apps now : 843 (31% free)

Number of games at launch : 97 (5% free)
Number of games now : 583 (11% free)

Web Analytics Usage in Swedish Internet Industry

A study of 400 Sweden based websites for usage of web analytics software by WASP, a Firefox plugin for web analytics profiling provides the following insights:

71% of Swedish websites make use of web analytics software
19% of the websites use more than one software
32.75% of the websites make use of Google analytics

Most popular web analytics software:
1. Google Analytics
2. Nielsen
3. Omniture
4. WebTrends