Mobile Maps Users In Europe

According to a ComScore MobiLens survey, the number of mobile maps and direction users has increased by over 68% in the past one year across Europe. In February this year alone, close to 21 million users over the age of 13 made use of these services. Compare the number to the 12 million odd people who accessed the mobile map services in February of last year.

Here are the number of users from the different countries as assessed by the report

United Kingdom : 5.7 million
Germany : 3.87 million
Spain : 3.132 million
France : 3.518 million
Italy : 4.879 million

EU5 : 21.099 million

Number Of iPad Apps By Category

Perhaps these are early days for the iPad and hence this study might not hold true for a long time and I hope to revisit this in a few more months. However, with the hype surrounding Apple’s new device, it will be interesting to see how many app developers are sold out on this concept and what are the kind of apps they see will appeal the iPad audience.

Folks at Distimo have studied the iPad apps and listed these applications down by category. Here are the various categories of iPad apps and the number of apps under each of these different categories.

Books : 133
Business : 52
Education : 205
Entertainment : 260
Finance : 21
Games : 833
Health & Fitness : 38
Lifestyle : 110
Medical : 30
Music : 106
Navigation : 18
News : 51
Photography : 81
Productivity : 152
Reference : 73
Social Networking : 54
Sports : 31
Travel : 73
Utilities : 165
Weather : 17

Mobile App Downloads Worldwide

In a study published earlier this year, Gartner predicted that the mobile apps to grow to a $30 billion market globally by 2013. That was against a yearly download of an estimated 21.6 billion applications. However, FutureSource consulting in their recent study published have been less optimistic. According to them, the mobile app market would grow to see 16 billion downloads by 2013 – that’s close to 23% less than Gartner’s prediction. While the actual numbers will only be known as the future becomes clearer, here are numbers predicted in the latest study.

2008 : 530 million downloads
2009 : 3.59 billion
2010 : 6.61 billion
2011 : 9.88 billion
2012 : 13.25 billion
2013 : 16.21 billion

Number Of New Apps In Android Marketplace : By Month

Google Android is regarded to be the closest rival to the iPhone OS and is seen as the platform that will eventually take on the mantle from the iPhone. The number of third party apps on this platform is thus a matter of high interest.

AndroLib, the popular destination for Android Apps has a database that chronicles the number of new applications that have been included in the Android marketplace over the past several months. Here is the list

Jul ’09 : 1558
Aug ’09 : 1719
Sep ’09 : 2199
Oct ’09 : 2494
Nov ’09 : 3315
Dec ’09 : 3807
Jan ’10 : 4458
Feb ’10 : 5532
Mar ’10 : 9331

Interestingly, last month has seen a sudden jump in the number of Android apps added. Any idea why?

Smartphone User Spending On Mobile Apps

Mobile phone users have been graduating to smartphones majorly because of the third party apps that come with it. However, how many users actually choose to go with paid apps? Is the gender of the user a factor while determining the number of paid apps that the user downloads?

A recent study conducted by Data Innovation looked into these aspects while drawing conclusions on the spending propensity of smartphone users with regards to third party mobile applications. Here are some results from the study that was conducted over a three month period.

98% of the smartphone users download at least one app during the three months the study was conducted

48% of the users downloaded only free applications
21% of users spent less than $5
17% of users spent between $5 and $10

Women were 12% more likely to download free apps.

App Revenue From Tablet Devices : Projection

The Apple iPad is launching this week and the hype surrounding the device is huge. The initial estimates point out to a sale of close to 6 million units by the end of 2010 with growth forecast on the upward for the next few years. Considering that the third party application market is one of the drivers of this market, the projections have been extremely optimistic.

GigaOm has assorted interesting pieces of information, one of which is about the third party app revenue expected to be made from the tablet devices. Here is what their study estimates

2010 : $183 million
2015 : $8.17 billion

It needs to be noted that this is for the tablet segment in general and also is cumulative of money made by app developers and the commissions claimed by the platform owners like Apple.

Mobile App Store Market Share Based On Usage

As you may have guessed, Apple App Store enjoys the lead when it comes to app store usage. However, when the application marketplace is taken overall to include those from carriers such as those from AT&T and Verizon, the difference is not much. Here is a study from Nielsen that looks into the usage based market share of the various app stores

Apple App Store : 25%
Blackberry App World : 16%
Verizon Application Store : 15%
AT&T Application Store : 12%
Sprint Application Store : 10%
T-Mobile Application Stores : 8%
Windows Marketplace : 4%
Android Market Store : 2%
Palm App Store : 1%
Handango : 1%

Average Price Of Popular iPhone Apps By Region

Distimo, a Netherlands based market research firm has released its latest report that looks into the prices of popular paid applications worldwide. One of the striking observations is that the most popular iPhone applications* are the most expensive in Europe whereas least expensive in North America and Asia. Here is the average price of popular apps in the various continents

Europe : $3.86
Africa : $3.43
South America : $3.10
Australia : $2.86
Asia : $2.69
North America : $2.43

*Distimo has not elaborated on the criterion for picking applications as popular (download numbers or revenues) and also the number of such applications used for the study

iPhone App Developer Profile

Ever since the Apple App Store became a hit, hundreds and thousands of app developers have joined the ecosystem. But not all are core iPhone app developers.

Some were into game development earlier and just opened up to the iPhone platform. A few others were J2ME and BREW app developers who started developing iPhone apps. So, what is the basic iPhone app developer profile like? A study by Flurry analytics shows the following profile distribution among iPhone app developers

Online (Google, eBay, Facebook, Zynga etc.) : 22%
Native iPhone (ngmoco, PageOnce, etc. ) : 20%
Traditional Gaming (EA, Activision, etc. ) : 19%
Retail & CPG (DKNY, Kraft,etc. ) : 17%
Traditional Media ( Disney, NY Times, etc. ) : 17%
Mobile (Digital Chocolate, eBuddy,etc. ) : 5%