Facebook Traffic Ranking By Country

Facebook recently surpassed Google search (only the search engine) in terms of traffic in USA. Though Google’s cumulative pageviews would be way higher than Facebook’s, it would nevertheless be interesting to see how Facebook as a social network has grown in different countries. Here is the current traffic ranking of Facebook in different countries.

Please note that Google leads the way in most countries and those where it doesn’t, the number one player is noted in brackets

Brazil : 16
Canada : 2
China : Not in top 500 (Baidu.com)
France : 2
Germany : 3
India : 4
Indonesia : 1
Iran : 58
Italy : 2
Japan : 30 (Yahoo.co.jp)
Mexico : 4
Philippines : 1
Poland : 8
Russia : 20 (Yandex.ru)
South Korea : 5 (Naver.com)
Spain : 2
Turkey : 2
UK : 2
USA : 2
Vietnam : 8

Worldwide : 2

Hours Of Video Uploaded Per Minute On Youtube

Youtube just reached a milestone – The world’s largest video sharing website now has over 1 day’s worth of video being uploaded every single minute. But it has not always been like this. Here is a timeline of how the volume of videos posted on Youtube has increased over time (in terms of ‘hours of video per minute’)

Jun ’07 : 6 hours
Dec ’07 : 10 hours
Jun ’08 : 13.5 hours
Dec ’08 : 17.5 hours
Jun ’09 : 21 hours
Dec ’09 : 23 hours
Mar ’09 : 24 hours

Social Network Downstream Traffic By Website Category

10% of traffic from MySpace is on Business/Law related websites. Only 12% of clicks from Digg is on tech related sites – These are some of the interesting observations made in a recent research published by Chitika. The study looked into the upstream traffic on various Chitika publishers from these social networks.

Here are the favorite genres of the various social networkers according to the Chitika study

Celeb/Entertainment : 23%
Video Games : 28%
Business Law : 10%
Community : 8%
Tech : 8%

News : 28%
Community : 17%
How to/DIY : 13%
Celeb/Entertainment : 9%
Shopping : 9%
Tech : 7%

News : 47%
Tech : 10%
Celeb/Entertainment : 10%
Movies : 6%
How to/DIY : 4%

News : 18%
Celeb/Entertainment : 18%
Video Games : 17%
Tech : 12%
How to/DIY : 9%

Social Media Marketing To Hispanic American Population

Here are some stats: 18% of American Twitter users are Hispanics, 20% of bloggers in America are of Hispanic ethnicity and there will be close to 23 million Hispanic Americans online this year. However, these numbers have failed to convince marketers to take the social media route to targeting this population as a recent study shows

Number of marketers who targeted Hispanic Americans via

Facebook : 18%
Twitter : 15%
MySpace : 5%
Others : 8%
None of the social media sites : 78%

How Social Media Helps In Online Marketing

What is it that marketers are looking for from social media like blogs, Twitter and Facebook while using these channels for their online marketing efforts? A study of close to 700 marketers revealed the parameters they were looking for while they employed social media through 2009

1. Improving brand awareness
2. Increase site traffic
3. Increasing lead generation
4. Improve Customer Service
5. Generate new sales
6. Generate repeat sales

User Activity On Multiple Social Networks By Gender

Men are more likely than women to be active on multiple social networks. A recent study by Liberty Mutual found that other than Facebook, most men were also actively involved in other social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace; at a number higher than women.

Here are some statistics

Active on more than one social network : 57% Men vs. 50% Women

Facebook users who are also part of
MySpace : 35% Men vs. 26% Women
LinkedIn : 25% Men vs. 16% Women
Twitter : 53% Men vs. 38% Women

Facebook Revenues For 2009

How big is Facebook? With nearly 400 million members on board, the company is a pretty big subset of the internet. With such a massive audience, the revenues from behavioral targeting, social gaming, partnerships can bring a lot of revenues. According to a study by Inside Facebook, the social network could have well made over $600 million in 2009 and can make close to $1.1 billion in 2010.

Estimates for 2009
Brand advertising : $225 million
Microsoft ads : $50 million
Virtual goods (Credits) : $10 million
Performance advertising : $350 million

Average Time Spent On Social Networks (By Country)

Time spent on social media websites has increased by 82% YoY thanks to the growing popularity of sites such as Twitter and Facebook. A study conducted by Nielsen for the month of December 2009 shows that Australia and USA are among countries with the highest average time spent per person on social networks.

Here is the list published by Nielsen measured in hours:minutes:seconds for the month of Dec ’09


[via BuzzRocket]

Social Media Adoption Among Fortune 100 Companies

The companies at the top of the Fortune list aren’t necessarily getting their social media strategies right as a study has shown that the Fortune 100 companies have been extremely slow in adopting social media for their brand promotion. Here is a stat on the adoption of the various social media platforms by the Fortune 100 companies

Twitter : 65%
Facebook Fan page : 54%
Youtube channel : 50%
Corporate Blog : 33%
All Platforms : 20%

However, it needs to be noted that the growth in the past half year has been quick. Click here on the state of social media among the big firms last year.