What is Knol

Knol is Google’s ‘unit of knowledge’. It is the new tool introduced by Google to let users to write articles on subjects they are authoritative in. In other words, it is a Wikipedia that will have one particular author for every content page. Unofficially, Knol is also called the Googlepedia It is expected to provide stiff competition to a few of the existing websites offering similar services, like


NOTE: KNOL is also the Stock quote symbol for Knology Inc.

Advertising on Social networks

It is no more a trickle. Advertising on social networks like MySpace, Facebook, Orkut is now officially a flood.

Advertisement budget on Social networks in US (2007) : $920 million
Advertisement budget on Social networks in US (2008 proj.) : $1.6 billion

Worldwide, 2008 is going to see a 81 percent increase in Social network advertising from $1.2 billion this year to $2.2 billion

How much do Best Buy's social video service cost?

This to-be launched service is partnered between Best Buy and Mydeo. It is an online service to upload home movies and videos. There are different plans available.

Cheapest Plan
Rent per month: $6.97
Total video length: 100 minutes
Time limit for one video: 30 minutes
Cap on page-views: 5000

Costliest Plan
Rent per month: $148
Total video length: 5000 minutes
Time limit for one video: 90 minutes
Cap on page-views: 100,000

Is Flixter up for sale?

Possibly. So, what is Flixter? It is a social network revolving around movies. Why is it up for sale? Possibly because of declining traffic.

Flixter’s unique visitors in May 2007 12 Million
Flixter’s unique visitors in September 2007 8.4 Million (30 percent drop)

Who’s buying Flixter? IAC, who also own Garagegames, iLike and College Humor.
At what price? Around $150 million