Where Do Most Spams Come From?

Last week, Symantec announced that most spams come from Europe. But a news release by Sophos claims that Asia is where most spams originate from. According to this list, the Spam contribution from the different continents are

Asia – 32.1%
Europe – 27.1%
North America – 26.5%
South America – 12.5%
Africa – 1.1%

The top 5 countries dishing out spam are

1. USA
2. Russia
3. China (including Hong Kong)
4. Brazil
5. South Korea

Top 10 Email Spam Lists for 2007

As the American Presidential elections draw near, the number of spams related to politics is likely to increase. And that’s for 2008.

For 2007, here is the top ten list for Spams:

1. Penny stocks spam
2. Drug spam
3. Pornography
4. Replica watches
5. Loans
6. Phishing spam
7. Pirated software
8. Fake job ads
9. Dating site spam
10. Fake diplomas