Correlation Between Email Address and Credit Score

These are seemingly unrelated entities, but a recent study of over 20,000 email addresses and the corresponding credit scores showed what is plausible – free email/IM services that are dominated by the younger crowd show an audience with low credit scores compared to those using the ISP-provided email addresses. Here is the ranking of the different email providers in the US according to the corresponding credit scores

1. BellSouth : 694
2. Comcast : 687
3. Gmail : 681
4. MSN : 665
5. Hotmail : 660
6. AOL : 660
7. Yahoo : 640

Nokia 'Comes With Music' Active Users Statistics

Nokia’s one year free unlimited subscription – ‘Comes With Music’ has not had too many takers. The whole month of July just saw 107,000 active users worldwide. Here are the country wise distribution of these users

UK – 32,728 (launch Oct 08)
Singapore – 19,318 (launch Feb 09)
Australia – 23,003 (launch Mar 09)
Brazil – 10,809 (launch Apr 09)
Sweden – 1,101 (launch Apr 09)
Italy – 691 (launch Apr 09)
Mexico – 16,344 (launch May 09)
Germany – 2,673 (launch May 09)
Switzerland – 560 (launch Jun 09)

Multiple Mobile Connection Among Indian Population

It sounds unbelievable to me that one-third of Urban Indians own more than one mobile connection. Is it simply the name the connection is purchased with or actual ownership is not known. The former is plausible since many people buy their parents or kin mobile phones with their names. Here are some interesting facts

Total mobile connections : 235 million urban and 108 million rural
Total mobile users : 155 million urban and 95 million rural
Average connection per user : 1.5 urban and 1.1 rural
Mobile penetration : 45% urban and 12% rural
Tele-Density : 69% urban and 13% rural

Average Tweet Frequency Among Twitter Users

If you need any parameter to realize how irrelevant Twitter is to the lives of most people, here is one. First of all, the study shows close to 75% of Twitter users have fewer than 10 tweets. And it’s not that most of these users just joined recently. Here is the average number of days between tweets (for the first ten tweets)

No. of days between 1st and 2nd tweet : 15 days
2nd and 3rd : 8.5 days
3rd and 4th : 6.5 days
4th and 5th : 5 days
5th and 6th : 4.5 days
6th and 7th : 4 days
7th and 8th : 4 days
8th and 9th : 3.5 days
9th and 10th : 3 days

More or less means that once you have tweeted a critical number of tweets, you are likely to tweet more frequently, which is not the case with most people!

Distribution of Ad Spending Based on Medium

I really don’t know whether you can trust these numbers, especially when internet is said to be only 8.2% of all ad spending, which seems a little too low. Nevertheless, these are from the market research agency, AdRelevance for the month of June in USA

Cable TV : 21.2%
Network TV : 19.3%
Magazines : 15.6%
Local TV : 15.2%
Internet : 8.2%
Newspaper : 4.5%
Radio : 4.2%
Hispanic TV : 3.3%
Others : 8.4%

Most Popular Online Video Properties in Canada

No surprises for the top spot at all. As it is the world over, Youtube reigns supreme with being the only player with a respectable market share. There is a huge long tail in this market. Here are the top ten and their market shares

Google sites : 52.3%
Microsoft sites : 1.8%
Yahoo sites : 1.5%
Megavideo : 1.2%
CTVGlobeMedia : 0.8%
DailyMotion : 0.7%
Facebook : 0.6%
Viacom digital : 0.6%
Turner network : 0.4%
Fox Interactive Media : 0.4%

Biggest Challenges With Web Analytics Usage In Companies

Most companies use web analytics merely to look at how many page views are being clocked by their web campaigns. But serious internet marketers look at more than just that and here are a few challenges mentioned (as a percent of respondents who saw the factor as challenge) by marketers in North America:

Integration with other marketing solutions : 46%
Verifying accuracy of data : 41%
Not comprehensive : 32%
Budget too small to be useful : 29%
Data too complicated to analyze : 23%
Page tagging difficulties : 19%
Customer service issues : 6%
Vendor/Solution/Dashboard difficult to use : 6%
Others : 8%

Worth of White Spaces With Wireless Broadband on TV Airwaves

White Spaces are those section of TV airwaves that have hitherto remain unused by any of the TV channels. The FCC had recently approved the usage of these white spaces to be used for wireless broadband services. If that was to be the case, how much worth will the white spaces carry?

Annual revenues from white spaces in 15 years time : $3.9 billion to $7.3 billion

Chips needed to power white space devices will only need $10 a device by 2012, and this is expected to fall at a rate of 30% a year.

Twitter Usage While Driving,In Class, or During Religious Service

The ability to tweet from your mobile phone has meant that it is virtually accessible all times of the day and a lot many people tweet even while they are driving or in a religious service. Here is the percent respondents who agreed to have tweeted during these activities:

During Workhours : 55%
From Washroom : 35%
From Class/Lecture : 9%
While Driving : 11%
During Live theater performance : 8%
During religious service : 2%

Most Popular Websites to Buy/Sell/Rent Cars in USA

Ranked by the number of visits in the month of August 2009, here are the top ten most visited automative classifieds websites in the USA. The marker share of visits is quoted besides the names.

1. eBay Motor : 60.55%
2. : 12.75%
3. : 4.84%
4. : 1.84%
5. : 1.44%
6. : 1.25%
7. Truck Paper : 1.10%
8. Copart Auto Auctions : 1.09%
9. : 0.72%
10. : 0.70%