iTunes vs. Zune

This comparison is solely for the Christmas day 2007.

Market share of visits to Zune increased by 392% compared to the previous day
Market share of visits to the Apple store(to download iTunes) increased by 169% compared to previous day

Market Share of visits to Zune on Christmas day : 0.09%
Market Share of visits to iTunes on Christmas day : 0.68%

Gmail Vs. Yahoo Mail Vs. Hotmail Vs. AOL

Popularity of each of these mail accounts:

Hotmail : 47 million unique visitors (April)
AOL : 42.3 million unique visitors (April)
Gmail : 90 million (approx. projected for November 2007)
Yahoo mail : 250 million (approx. projected for November 2007)

Growth rate of Gmail is 53.6% compared to Yahoo (3.21%) and Google is projected to overtake Yahoo by 2010.

Is Advertising Gambling sites legal?

No. According to the Federal Wire Wager Act, unregulated commercial gambling is prohibited throughout United States. This has cost the Big 3 of internet to lose cumulatively $31.5 million for having accepted money to advertise gambling website between 1997 and June 2007. The individual fine imposed is as under

Microsoft : $21 million
Yahoo : $7.5 million
Google : $3 million

Did Microsoft overvalue Facebook at $15 billion

Looks like Google pushed MS to do so by engaging in a bid war though Google was uninterested in Facebook. Microsoft acquired 1.6 percent stake valuing Facebook at $15 billion

Estimated revenues from Facebook: $150 million
A $15 billion valuation is 100 times this revenue
Approximate user base: 50 million
Microsoft’s perceived Facebook value per member: $300

Microsoft revenue for the first quarter

For the first quarter, Microsoft made revenue of $13.6 billion. Net income of Microsoft was $4.29 billion (@ $0.45 per share).

Microsoft Business Division $4.11 billion revenue
Server and Tools Division $2.50 billion revenue
Entertainment devices $1.93 billion revenue

Microsoft has shipped 88 million copies of Vista till date
This fiscal, Microsoft’s sales in BRIC economy grew by 20%