US Online Travel Booking Market

The online travel market is huge and in USA, this market is expected to cross the $100 billion mark in another couple of years. This is according to a recent article on eMarketer that sees growth back on track after the travel market slumped by 6.7% last year thanks to recession.

Here are estimates for the American online travel market for the next few years to come. The growth percentage is given in brackets

2010 : $92.5 billion (9.5%)
2011 : $98.5 billion (10.2%)
2012 : $105.4 billion (9.5%)
2013 : $112.2 billion (8.1%)
2014 : $119.0 billion (7.4%)

Data Portability Via Third Party Login Marketshare

All the prominent websites out there including Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are out there with their data portability offerings that let users sign into third party websites without having to separately create a login ID or having to divulge private information to these third party websites.

Interestingly, Yahoo ID is leading the pack despite having launched a year later than many of the other rivals. Facebook, Google, Twitter and others follow Yahoo in this recent study conducted by commenting platform, Echo.

Here are the third party login marketshare of these websites

Yahoo ID : 34%
Facebook Connect : 25%
Google Friend Connect : 23%
Twitter oAuth: 10%
OpenID : 7%
Others : 1%

Statistics On Cybersquatting Cases

In a recent release, the World Intellectual Property Organization published a stat on the number of internet cybersquatting cases dealt in the past one year. Clearly, they are on a rise

Number of domain names dealt with in 2008 : 3985
Number of domain names dealt with in 2009 : 4688

Number of countries involved in 2009 : 114 (10% rise)
Most common TLD involved : .COM

Top Five Countries (Complainants)
1. USA
2. France
3. Britain
4. Germany
5. Switzerland

Top Five Countries (Respondents)
1. USA
2. Britain
3. Canada
4. Spain
5. South Korea

Number of successful domain transfers : 87%

Online Dating Industry Statistics

The online dating industry is one of the biggest and most profitable online segments. Websites such as eHarmony and have between 15-20 million members contributing close to $239 per person per year.

Here are some interesting statistics

Country-wise Users
China : 140 million
USA : 40 million
India : 15 million

User Demographics
Gender : 52.4% Male
Average age : 48 (USA)
Average user spends 22 minutes and 27 seconds per visit

Total revenues from online dating websites : $1.049 billion per year Value of mobile phone dating market : $550 million ($1.3 billion by 2013)

Google News vs. Facebook : Return Visitor Rate

The competition between Google and Facebook has been brewing up on a lot of fronts. Facebook is now bigger than Google in a few countries like Indonesia and Philippines.

Now in a new revelation, Hitwise claims that visitors to news websites tend to be more loyal return visitors if the referrer happens to be Facebook rather than Google News. Here are the numbers from Hitwise

Top 5 Print Media
Google News : 67%
Facebook : 78%
Average : 66%

Top 5 Broadcast Media
Google News : 64%
Facebook : 77%
Average : 73%

World Internet Penetration By Geographic Region

The stats here may be a little outdated (noted in Sep 2009), but is nevertheless an interesting pointer. A study published by the MiniWatts group notes that the world now has one-fourth of its population online. Sounds interesting though I sceptical in that the internet penetration is not even 10% in countries such as India where a huge chunk of the population is.

North America : 74.2%
Australia/Oceania : 60.4%
Europe : 52%
Latin America/Caribbean : 30.5%
Middle East : 28.3%
Asia : 19.4%
Africa : 6.8%

World Average : 25.6%

Online News Readers Who Click On Ads

Do you read news online? Do you click on ads? If your answer to both these questions is Yes, then you could be among the one-fifth of news readers who actually click on ads – contributing to the revenues the online news publishers make.

A recent study by Pew Internet studied the ad clicking population among the different segments of online news readers

All online news readers : 21%
Wireless internet users : 25%
18-30 year olds : 26%
Get news on cellphone : 30%

Most Popular Online Properties For Local Shoppers

Local shoppers no longer have to rely on information about coupon, offers and reviews from the local advertisers on newspaper while shopping in their neighborhood. The internet comes handy too. In a study by BIA/Kelsey, it was found that an overwhelming 97% of US internet users checked the online media for research before shopping locally.

Here are the most popular media used by local shoppers online

Online Media : 97%
Search Engines : 90%
Internet Yellow Pages : 48%
Comparison Shopping Sites : 42%
Vertical Sites : 24%

Top Country-Code TLD (ccTLD) By Number of Registered Domains

Internet research project Zooknic analyzed the country code top level domains (ccTLD) from various countries to rank the top ten ccTLD in terms of number of domain names. As should be evident, this does not include generic TLDs like .com and .net.

1. .cn (China)
2. .de (Germany)
3. .uk (United Kingdom)
4. .nl (Netherlands)
5. .eu (European Union)
6. .ru (Russian Federation)
7. .ar (Argentina)
8. .br (Brazil)
9. .it (Italy)
10. .pl (Poland)

Sports Website Engagement Levels Among Indian Internet Users

Comscore is out with its study on the most popular sports websites among Indian Internet users. Without doubt, almost all the top websites are cricket-focused. Here are some interesting insights about the engagement levels for the month of Jan ’10 and the YoY growth

Total minutes spent : 311 million (100%)
Total pages viewed : 420 million (107%)
Total visits : 61.1 million (170%)
Average time/visitor : 30.1 minutes (1.8%)
Average pages/visitor : 41 (5%)
Average visits/visitor : 5.9 (37%)

Top ten sports websites in India
1. Yahoo Cricket : 3.94 million
2. ESPN Cricinfo : 3.49 million
3. Sify : 1.03 million
4. FANIQ : 0.77 million
5. Cricbuzz : 0.64 million
6. Cricketnirvana : 0.52 million
7. ESPNSTAR Asia : 0.31 million
8. KrishCricket : 0.30 million
9. CricketNext : 0.27 million
10. MSN : 0.27 million