Internet usage stats in India

Total number of internet users in India at present : 40 million
Estimated number of internet users by 2010: 100 million
Broadband users in India at present: 1 million
Estimated number of Broadband users by 2010: 20 million

44 percent internet users are online ONLY for social networking
Most popular social network: (64 percent market share)

Source: TopTechNews

Internet usage stats in Europe

Percentage households having access to internet: 54 percent (49% in 2006)
Percentage of Broadband users: 42 percent
Country with most online users: Netherlands (80 percent)
Country with least online users: Bulgaria (20 percent)
Country with smallest percent of Broadband users: Greece (7 percent)

Percent users making use of Search Engines: 50 percent
Percent users making phone calls through net: 15 percent
Percent users making use of P2P file transfer: 13 percent

Source: Eurostat

Ad spend: Internet Vs. Radio Vs. Magazine

Internet ad spend is increasing. The spending on internet ads will surpass radio ads by 2008. It shall overtake Magazine ads by 2010. Share of internet in the Global ad spend shall increase from 8.1 percent to 9.4 percent.

Internet’s share of ad spend is expected  to grow to double figures by 2009. By 2010, this share shall increase to 11.5 percent.

Gay and Lesbian Internet population in US

The Gay, lesbian. Bisexual and Transgender market is grouped as “GLBT”.

GLBT market in US: 15 million
Purchasing Power of GLBT: $660 billion
American GLBT adult users in 2007: 12.1 million
This is 7.9% of the total American internet population
Projected population of Gay lesbian Bisexual and Transgender population in 2011: 14 million

Population of online Hispanic Americans

eMarketer report on the population of Hispanic Americans:

Number of Hispanic Americans online in 2006: 17.5 million
Number of Hispanic Americans online in 2007: 18.8 million
Number of Hispanic Americans online in 2008: 20.2 million
Number of Hispanic Americans online in 2009: 21.6 million
Number of Hispanic Americans online in 2010: 23.0 million
Number of Hispanic Americans online in 2011: 24.4 million

Are there casual games online?

Yes. It’s a BIG market. Casual Games Association report states:

Revenues generated in casual games per year: $2.5 Billion
Growth rate of the casual games industry: 20%
Population playing casual games online per month: 200 Million
Male:Female ratio of members: 48.3: 51.7
Percentage females in paid games category: 74%

Internet penetration in Russia

Internet penetration in Russia is now getting to a level that has got the Kremlin wary of the cyberspace.

Internet penetration among adults in 2002             8%
Internet penetration among adults in 2007            25%

The target: Russia to be a Global Information Leader by 2015