How Many Internet Searches in a Month?

Personally, how many searches do you do on a monthly basis? I cannot tell for myself, cos I search a lot! Probably that is why the worldwide internet search volume has shot up by 41% in the past one year!

Number of Internet searches in July 2008 : 80.55 billion
Number of Internet searches in July 2009 : 113.68 billion

Google is nowhere declining. It is one of the fastest to grow at 58%!

Top Ten Search Engines in USA (July 2009)

The search engine market is so vulnerable and market share keep changing, albeit by a few percentage points every month. Here are the top ten search engines in US for the month of July 2009:

Google : 64.8%
Yahoo : 17.1%
Microsoft (MSN/Live/Bing) : 9.0%
AOL : 3.1% : 1.7%
MyWeb : 1.2%
Comcast : 0.6%
Yellow Pages Search : 0.4%
NexTag : 0.3%
AT&T Worldnet : 0.2%

Most Popular Google Services

Google is not just a search engine now. At least four of Google’s services including search are among the top ten most visited websites on the Internet. So here are the list of the top five most popular Google services:

1. Google search
2. Gmail
3. Youtube
4. Google Images Search
5. Google Maps

Bandwidth Consumption of Google in the US

In 2008, Google used 16.5 percent of all US Consumer internet traffic. This is projected to rise to 25% in 2009 and 37% in 2010. This terrific share is because of Google bots crawling pages every second and also because of online videos watched from Youtube.

Google’s payment to fund American consumer Internet segment is $344 million. This is 0.8% of the total figure of $44 billion for the US.

Popularity of Youtube Videos in USA

Americans watched 558 million hours of Online videos in a single month of July 2008. Among the different online video sharing websites, Youtube was the most popular. Youtube attracted 5 billion US video views in July.

Another interesting fact is that 142 million Americans watched over 80 videos per viewer in July!

Search Engines Usability Study

Do people using search engines able to achieve what they wanted to? At least the growing numbers indicate so.

60% of people achieved their objectives using search engines in 1999
In 2008, this figure had increased to 75%

In 2004, 40% of people visited the homepage and then drilled down to the actual objective page.
In 2008, only 25% of the people do so.