How Many Internet Searches in a Month?

Personally, how many searches do you do on a monthly basis? I cannot tell for myself, cos I search a lot! Probably that is why the worldwide internet search volume has shot up by 41% in the past one year!

Number of Internet searches in July 2008 : 80.55 billion
Number of Internet searches in July 2009 : 113.68 billion

Google is nowhere declining. It is one of the fastest to grow at 58%!

Top Ten Search Engines in USA (July 2009)

The search engine market is so vulnerable and market share keep changing, albeit by a few percentage points every month. Here are the top ten search engines in US for the month of July 2009:

Google : 64.8%
Yahoo : 17.1%
Microsoft (MSN/Live/Bing) : 9.0%
AOL : 3.1% : 1.7%
MyWeb : 1.2%
Comcast : 0.6%
Yellow Pages Search : 0.4%
NexTag : 0.3%
AT&T Worldnet : 0.2%

Bandwidth Consumption of Google in the US

In 2008, Google used 16.5 percent of all US Consumer internet traffic. This is projected to rise to 25% in 2009 and 37% in 2010. This terrific share is because of Google bots crawling pages every second and also because of online videos watched from Youtube.

Google’s payment to fund American consumer Internet segment is $344 million. This is 0.8% of the total figure of $44 billion for the US.