Virtual Goods Spending Behavior On Social Games

Virtual goods are big business. According to a study by Piper Jaffrey last year, the industry was expected to be worth $6 billion by 2013. So how much do social gamers spend on buying virtual goods? A recent study by Social Gold reveals some interesting numbers

Average amount spent per customer per game : $60
56% of virtual goods customers make a second purchase
25% of the customers go on to make a third purchase

As obvious as it sounds, the first purchase is all that it takes and once the gamer is used to playing with the extra bells and whistles, they don’t stop buying.

Most Popular Social Networks For Playing Games

With Farmville, Mafia Wars and the likes on Facebook, there is no doubt that Facebook is the most preferred platform to play social games. A study (also read this) by Information Solutions Group lists down the most popular social networking platforms for games in order of the number of respondents

1. Facebook : 83%
2. MySpace : 24%
3. Bebo : 7%
4. Friendster : 5%
5. Hi5 : 4%
6. Orkut : 2%
7. Netlog : 2%

Demographic Profile Of Social Gamers

A comprehensive study of social gamers (which includes games like Farmville and Mafia Wars) was conducted by Information Solutions Group in USA and UK. Here are some interesting results from the survey (PDF link). Please note the stats provided are as a percentage of Internet users in the respective regions who play social games at least once a week.

Gender Profile of Social Gamers

Age Profile Of Social Gamers

Income Profile Of Social Gamers

Mobile Gaming In UK

Mobile Gamers are a rapidly growing breed in UK. A recent study constituted by UK National Gamers Survey Report once again reveals the revolution that iPhone has brought upon to third party applications; a significant chunk of which are games. Here are some interesting results from the survey


A whopping 85% of iPhone users actually pay for the games and that is a pretty encouraging number. Here is the listing of gamers by operator


Video Gaming Among Adult Population

Video gaming is getting popular among the baby boomers and matures. A recent report from Deloitte shows the surging popularity of gaming among the older population. The stats have been collected for the US market

American households with video gaming consoles in 2006 : 44%
American households with video gaming consoles in 2009 : 60%

Generation X (27-43 years)
Own a Playstation, Wii or XBox
2006 : 53%
2009 : 70%

Played a newly released videogame in the past six months
2008 : 37%
2009 : 54%

Baby Boomers (44-62 years)
Own a Playstation, Wii or XBox
2006 : 31%
2009 : 44%

Played a newly released video game in the past six months
2008 : 12%
2009 : 31%

Matures (63-75 years)
Played a newly released video game in the past six months
2008 : 3%
2009 : 8%

Gaming Among Children In USA

Gaming is very highly popular among the kids in USA with children as young as 2 joining the gaming crowd. A recent study by the NPD group revealed the following

82% (55.7 million) of American Children are “Current gamers”
Number of 2-5 year old gamers : 9.7 million
Number of 9-11 year old gamers : 12.4 million

Percent of kid gamers who play online games : 51%

Computer Gaming Among Females

Computer games are least associated with females and have always been male-oriented. However, that has been changing over the past few years with more and more women taking up online gaming. While we still do not have comprehensive statistics about female gamers, a recent survey among players of the Sony Online Entertainment game EverQuest II revealed the following pointers

Time Spent
Females : 29 hours a week
Males : 25 hours a week
The top 10% of female gamers averaged 57 hours per week

Social Gaming
60% of female gamers prefer playing with their romantic partner
Only 25% of men prefer playing that way. Men prefer playing alone

Average age of the female gamers : 31

Online Gambling In Germany

Online gambling continues to thrive in Germany despite a state ban. The stats emphasize the need to legalize gambling in a country where more than 2 million people have been gambling online. Here are some stats revealed by a recent study

Number of internet gamblers in 2008 : 2.2 million
Number of internet gamblers in 2009 : 2.0 million

Males : 1.7 million
Females : 300,000

Lotteries : Most popular with 59% of gamblers participating
64% of lottery gamblers were women and 57% of men gamblers partook in lottery gambling

Poker : Played by 22% of web gamblers
Sports betting : Played by 18% of web gamblers

Online gambling in Germany is currently worth 2.2 billion Euros and shall grow to 5 billion Euros by 2010

China Online Gaming Industry Revenue Projections

The current internet penetration in China is close to 27% and there are close to 69 million online gamers in the country. The online gaming industry is expected to take a massive growth path in the next three years and more propelling the amount of money to be made from this market.

Current number of games : 69 million
Number of online games by 2012 : 230 million

Value of online gaming industry in 2009 : 26 billion Yuan (USD 3.8 billion)
Value of online gaming industry in 2012 : 73.1 billion Yuan (USD 10.7 billion) estimated.