Estimated Share Of Profit Among Mobile Phone Manufacturers

In 2007, Apple’s profits from its mobile handset business constituted just 3% of the overall profits made by the industry. At the end of 2009, this number was 37%. The biggest loser in this period has undoubtedly been Nokia whose share of profits has fallen from 60% in 2007 to 31% in 2009. Here is how the profits were shared among handset manufacturers in 2009.

Nokia : 31%
Samsung : 16%
LG : 8%
Sony Ericsson : -8%
Motorola : -6%
RIM : 20%
Apple : 37%
HTC : 5%
Palm : -3%
Industry Avg. : 12%

Online Revenue In China

There are over 380 million Chinese who use the internet today. Popular activities include gaming, shopping and social networking. Revenues from these as well as advertising is seen to propel the industry in the near future. Here are the estimated online revenues from China according to a study conducted by iResearch

2008 : 57.15 billion Yuan
2009 : 74.30 billion Yuan (@ 30% growth)
2010 : 112.3 billion Yuan (@ 51% growth)

Revenues From Digital Music : Forecast

A Forrester Research study on the uptake of digital music against the decline in purchase of physical music reveals that digital music growth is still not enough to cover the decline in physical sales. Here is the projected revenues from digital music sales in the years ahead

2008 : $1.7 billion
2009 : $1.8 billion
2010 : $2.1 billion
2011 : $2.4 billion
2012 : $2.7 billion
2013 : $3.1 billion
2014 : $3.4 billion

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Facebook vs. LinkedIn vs. Twitter Estimated Valuation and Revenues

Twitter’s 1.84% market share in the US is no match for Facebook’s 58% share. LinkedIn users’ average salary of $110,000 is much higher than the other social networks. Despite all this, Twitter manages to have reduced the gap between the companies when it comes to its estimated valuation. Most probably because Twitter offers real time information that other networks like Facebook don’t and which has become extremely pivotal in online search.

Here are the implied valuation of the three companies as measured by NYPPEX
Facebook : $7.6 billion
LinkedIn : $1.25 billion
Twitter : $1.13 billion

Estimated Revenues for 2010
Facebook : $710 million
LinkedIn : $205 million
Twitter : $1.3 million

Monster Career Ad Network Performance

If you are following the job market closely, you might be aware of Monster’s Career Ad Network. So how has the job based ad network perform? Here are the monthly uniques the company saw in the past few couple of months

September 2009 : 84 million uniques
October 2009 : 78 million uniques

How much has this helped the company in revenues? Not much, especially in light of recession.

Revenue during Jan-Sep ’08 : $1.05 billion
Revenue during Jan-Sep ’09 : $692 million

PC Shipments Forecast For 2009-2010

Will Windows 7 help in spurring the growth in PC shipments? Gartner looks skeptical. The company predicts only a modest increase in the shipment and sales revenue from PC in the 2009-2010 period.

2008 : 290.6 million
2009 : 298.8 million (2.8% growth)
2010 : 336.6 million (12.6% growth)

2008 : $243 billion
2009 : $217 billion (10.7% decline)
2010 : $222.9 billion (2.6% increase)

Who Owns Skype?

You might have been following the dispute over the past few months between VOIP provider Skype’s original founders and eCommerce giant eBay, the company that acquired them in 2005. Well, the dust has seemingly settled over the issue and new ownership agreements have been signed. Here are the stakes held by the various parties:

eBay owns 30%
Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis (Skype founders) own 14%
The rest of Skype is held by investors led by Silver Lake and includes JoltID Limited, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and Andreessen Horowitz

Valuation of Skype : $2.75 billion
eBay received : $1.9 billion in cash with principal amount of $125 million with the deal closure
eBay also purchased a note from the buyers at a principal amount of $50 million

For more details, head over to the Skype site

SaaS Model : Revenue and Growth Forecast

The Software-as-a-Service model has been getting pretty popular in the recent times and as Gartner notes, the revenue from SaaS are growing in double digits and shall continue to grow in the near future.

Worldwide revenue from Saas
2008 : $6.4 billin
2009 : $7.5 billion (apprx.)
2013 : $14 billion

As you see, this year global Saas revenues are expected to grow by 17%. So where is the revenue coming from. Here is a split up of estimated revenues from the various enterprise markets for Saas delivery for the year 2009

Content communication and collaboration : $2.5 billion
Office suites : $68 million
Digital content creation : $62 million
Customer Relationship Management : $2.28 billion
Enterprise Resource Planning : $1.2 billion
Supply Chain Management : $826 million
Other application software : $472 million

Mobile Paid Apps Revenue Estimates

How much money do these paid apps on smartphones such as iPhone and others bring? A study by eMarketers shows a terrific potential for growth over the next 3-4 years. Here are the revenues estimated to come from the American smartphone paid apps market.

2009 : $343 million
2013 : $4,200 million

This is not entirely convincing since Apple App Store alone is estimated to be making around $560 million to $1 billion to the app developers currently.